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It's a Mobile Planet

Solidify Your Mobile Strategy with BLE

It’s a Mobile Planet

In just 5 years, over 7 billion people will have smartphones and mobile devices. This represents a massive opportunity to engage more closely with customers, employees and partners. Mobile strategy is a key initiative for most technology and marketing executives today. Leveraging two and a half years of institutional knowledge in Low Energy Bluetooth, our team is highly qualified to help you unlock the power of iBeacon. We’ll help you combine the latest technologies with the most elegant user experiences, placing focus on an omnichannel solution.

We are not just a top iOS and Android developer. We carefully evaluate business requirements, existing processes, revenue sources, operational pain points and strategic goals before embarking upon any development paths. After all, this is a new channel into your existing business. Your mobile app needs to include the levers necessary to move the needle on the metrics which mean the most.

Our team of experts can help you achieve positive ROI once your app goes live, with best practices for app store optimization, keeping data connections and APIs functioning, populating loyalty programs, procuring mobile devices for employees, MDM, setting security, supporting users, managing app revisions and of course making sure your cloud infrastructure can handle it all.

We can be your guides in your quest for a seamless mobile customer experience. Give us a call.

You will be happy you did.


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Founded in 2009, BestFit began revolutionizing mobile strategies for some of the world’s largest retail businesses and enterprises. A little over a year later, BestFit began research and development with what is today one of the hottest buzzwords in Location Based Services news: Low Energy Bluetooth (BLE) technology. BestFit’s approach involves a comprehensive evaluation of existing infrastructure, commerce tools, customer loyalty programs, advertising programs, social strategies and customer demographics. We then create a platform to combine these into a single, interactive channel powering connections between businesses and mobile users.  In retail, these connections improve brand loyalty, increase customer spending, lower the cost of acquiring new customers and differentiate our clients from their competitors. In business, they improve employee satisfaction, productivity, and efficiency to levels that produce enormous reductions in cost and create new opportunities for rapid growth and profitability.  When you are looking for Android, iPad and iPhone app developers, or to amplify the functionality of an existing app with BLE for use with iBeacon, choose a partner with world class experience and proven ability to deliver success.


Starting in the late 1970s, the Austin Opry House, later known as the Austin Opera Hall, and Arlyn Studios served as the venue and recording studios for some of the most prolific and abundantly creative musicians who defined a generation. Until the early 90′s, artists including the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, U2, REM, Willie Nelson, Ray Charles, Stevie Ray Vaughan and scores of others helped to create indelible memories for their adoring fans, right here on our property. Now that is pretty cool.

Home to Creativity for 40 Years

Even though the walls today hold white boards in place of the ring of a Stratocaster, the creativity still pumps through the entire place. The vibe once tapped into by so many of the greatest musicians of all time is now channeled through our mobile app strategists, developers and marketers. Tap our creative well and let us develop your mobile strategy today.


BestFit Mobile houses the most talented group of mobile strategists, user interface & experience designers, iOS developers, Android developers, QA experts and project managers to help your mobile strategy to succeed.  Our mobile development teams are made up of unique, talented folks of all disciplines who deliver exceptional results for our clients.

Our headquarters are in Austin, Texas, a hub for mobile app development, but we have tapped some of the best mobile experts and Low Energy Bluetooth specialists from around the world to help bring your mobile vision to life with iBeacon.

Vancouver, B.C.

Leadership Team




Bret helps keep the wheels on.

Bret brings a deep operational background that includes leading product development and marketing teams, driving business development and channel partnerships, as well as fundraising and business investments. Most recently, Bret was a co-founder and Managing Partner of Austin Management Partners overseeing the search and execution of acquisitions, as well as leading key consulting projects focused on both marketing strategy, valuation and fundraising for clients. Bret spent 2 years running Maverick Solutions, an AMP portfolio company, where he oversaw all key operations. Prior to AMP, Bret spent 5 years at Dell where was responsible for the Consumer Services planning and product management organization, a $1bn business. Bret has a BA in Economics from Wake Forest University, and an MBA from The University of Texas at Austin.

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Chief Delivery Officer


Chief Delivery Officer

Master Cat Herder and Lean Product Ninja

A software industry professional with over 15 years experience in technology management and marketing, with a focus on search and knowledge management, Christopher is responsible for Product Development at BestFit. Prior to joining BestFit in 2012, Christopher spent more than six years and held a variety of Senior Product Management roles at Vignette Corporation where he was responsible for the Integration, Process, and Analysis product lines. Additionally, he was responsible for the Virtual Repository, Taxonomy, and Search Services within Vignette V7, the company’s flagship Content Management product suite.

Prior to BestFit, Christopher was with Netscape Communications Corporation where he managed a variety of groundbreaking products including Netscape Navigator (Gold), Netscape Media Server, and Netscape Enterprise Server, the company’s flagship web application server.

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Harness the power of Low Energy Bluetooth for use withiBeacon to combat showrooming, and captivate your audience with personalized rewards. 


What We Can Do






Bluetooth Smart technology  is primed to overcome NFC: More devices on the market today have Bluetooth 4.0 capability than they do NFC chips.   


Mobile App Development Process


Phase One: Blueprint

We start with a blueprint. This is where we lay it all out. We look at your audience, your needs, your budget and what  you hope to accomplish with your finished product. This is the foundation, where we dream big and then hone in on the vision you have for your product. We want to develop something that is beyond what you thought was possible and this is where it all starts.


Phase Two: Strategy

The second thing we do is come up with a game plan. We have our vision and our groundwork laid out. Now we have to come up with a strategy to make your vision for your product a reality. There is where we build a team that will make it happen and build a timeline to make sure it happens by the targeted date and figure out what it will take to make your product the best it can be.  

Phase Three: Development

Now that we know what we need to accomplish, we move on to the development phase and our team hits the ground running. We start building the wireframes so you can see the layout and get a feel of the flow and how it will work, we skin it and make sure it’s not just working how you like it to, but it looks good too with a solid design behind it and then we bring the two together and make your product functional.


Phase Four: Testing/QA

Now it’s play time. You get a build of your product and start actually working with it, making sure it looks and feels right. At this stage our team looks closely for bugs, errors and those typos that manage to slip in and make sure you got a solid product that at a place where you are happy and we are happy with a product ready for launch.


Phase Five: Release

Last is the release. We pull it all together and prepare it for the approval process. Once the build is sent off, it’s just a matter of waiting for it to be approved for whatever online marketplace or store your product will be available in. Then it’s time to get reactions from your employees or consumers that will be using your product and keep dreaming about what you can do to make it even better.


BestFit's ProxDK Solution makes BLE a highly effective marketing tool, right now. 205 million iOS devices already in the hands of your customers have the capacity to be configured to become an iBeacon receiver or transmitter. 


Mobile Solutions We've Built

Low Energy Bluetooth (BLE) is built specifically to consume small amounts of energy and make phone batteries last longer.

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As Millennials gain purchasing power, Low Energy Bluetooth (BLE) and iBeacon capable apps will be the differentiating factor for retailers grabbing a slice of the pie. 


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