BestFit Mobile Attends NRF 2014 in New York

BestFit Mobile Attends NRF 2014 in New York

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Big Show in the Big Apple

Bret, Debbie and partners are on the floor at NRF this week, showing off our wickedly cool Low Energy Bluetooth (BLE) iBeacon demo for retail: a full-fledged sales cycle between a customer and associate.

They’re demonstrating how our retail solution can translate the entire impersonal ordeal into a fully personalized experience and highly efficient transaction. It’s the best of the “old school” general store customer relationship, and the “new school” of cutting edge Bluetooth 4.0 technology. 

BestFit Mobile’s demo shows how BLE & iBeacon can:

- Welcome a customer to a store with a notification message on the customer’s phone.

- How an associate can immediately see the new arrival on their tablet, with a profile picture, customer ID, customer name, and length of time they’ve been a customer.

- Customers can collect product information, reviews, etc. by placing their phone within range of the BLE beacon.

- Customers can compare products with which they’ve interacted, add them to their wish list, or add them to their shopping cart on their app. 

- On their tablets, associates can see a history on each customer profile of the items they’ve looked at, and which items they’ve purchased in the past. 

- Customers can send an alert to associates that they need assistance.

- Associates can see which customers need help, where they are located, and how long they’ve been waiting. 

- Associates can show customers a comparison chart of the products the customer has reviewed on their tablet device, and recommend similar products. 

- Associates can swipe the products the customer likes into the customer’s cart on the customer’s device

- Once finished shopping, customers can swipe their full carts back to the associate to complete the checkout process.

- Checkout can be done with a new card, or an existing card on file.


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