Chief Delivery Officer Christopher Walton an InnoTech 2014 Invited Speaker in San Antonio, Dallas

Chief Delivery Officer Christopher Walton an InnoTech 2014 Invited Speaker in San Antonio, Dallas

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Our Chief Delivery Officer, Christopher Walton, was a special guest at InnoTech 2014 San Antonio on March 29, and will also be presenting a session on May 1 at InnoTech Dallas this year (registration info here). Listen to this clip recorded by TechCityUSA Radio on SoundCloud, as they discuss some of the conference highlights! Christopher joins the show at 5:00 (and after the break at 28:00). This is a summary of their conversation:

Christopher Walton at BestFit Mobile in Austin focuses on Bluetooth sensors, cloud computing, mobile devices, and realtime cloud applications with the Internet of Things. BestFit Mobile is a mobile strategy and implementation firm that – at a high level – helps people build mobile stuff, especially with iBeacon and Low Energy Bluetooth.  As Christopher explains, the Internet of Things basically gives everything out there an IP address, so “things” can talk to us, and we can talk back to them. At BestFit, we’re focused on the Internet of Places: enabling digital interaction with physical spaces, so you can use your smartphone or tablet to interact with the world in interesting ways. For instance (in a use case with Michaels Stores), you could use Bluetooth for in-store wayfinding and locate items that might be on a list or for a specific project. At InnoTech 2014, Christopher provides a primer on emerging technologies around iBeacon, Bluetooth, use in retail and other industries, and what business people need to know so they’re prepared going into the future. Learn more by attending InnoTech Dallas on May 1, or at 

Jeff Reich of San Antonio, Texas is an Information Security Professional at Engine Yard, a Cloud Application Management Platform. He shares how you need elasticity within cloud computing, especially for retail, so you can respond better during peak times, and pay for things on demand as you need them. One example of a cloud app is something that’s delivered through broadband to any medium: phone, tablet or computer, so everything looks and feels the same. If you’re hosting your app somewhere, should be able to move it between hosting companies without a lot or re-engineering (Code Academy is a good example of this). At InnoTech, Jeff will discuss using cloud-based tools and tech to secure recovery plans, automatic fail-overs, and what role insurance plays in all of this. Learn more at

Sean Lowry, CEO of InnoTech in Portland, Oregon coordinates the regionally focused business to business (B2B) technology conference and tradeshow, InnoTech.  Beginning in Austin, the company now also hosts conferences in Phoenix, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Oklahoma City, and Kansas City.  2014 marks the conference’s 11th year in Austin and its 7th year in San Antonio, where it’s grown from 800 to 1300+ attendees and welcomes a broad range of technology professionals to discuss what’s hottest in tech. Each gathering has evolved a distinct personality that’s specific to each city.  This year at InnoTech SA, Judge Wolff introduced keynote speaker Chris Kemp, a former CTO if IT at NASA, and a cofounder of OpenStack. There were 30 total sessions going along during the day, discussing everything from Google Fiber, Women in Tech, and Security, to Mental Agility and BitCoin. Visitors to the Exhibit Hall saw 50+ exhibitors to learn what was new in the local space with companies which might offer interesting solutions. At the end of the day, the Beta Summit featured demos to highlight seven new companies in San Antonio. Visit the San Antonio conference website for more info. 

Emerging Mobile Technologies: The iBeacon Revolution Has Started, What You Need to Know Now

Room: 102B – Main Level
Speaker: Christopher Walton

Bluetooth Low Energy and Apple’s iBeacon technology is poised to revolutionize healthcare, retail, tourism, and other industries. Anyone with a mobile device will be able to interact with their environment in ways that were previously impossible. We are truly entering a new era of contextual and personal interaction between the physical and digital worlds.

What is Bluetooth Low Energy? How do iBeacons work? What scenarios will they empower? What is required to interact? What are the privacy implications? How can I get involved?
This session will inform, entertain, and enlighten the audience on all things iBeacon and serve as a business primer to Bluetooth Low Energy and the technology landscape. You will leave this session educated and empowered on what this exciting new technology can do for you.

Note: Christopher will be speaking again on this topic in at InnoTech 2014 in Dallas on May 1, 2014 at 9:00am. Click here to register!
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