Team Building Scavenger Hunt Clues #BestFitBash

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Our July team building event at BestFit involved a series of riddles. Quickness and cleverness = musts! Check out our Flickr stream for the pics. Teams raced against each other to snag their grinning mugs next to these central Austin icons:

1. Get your feet wet in Barton Springs Pool,

   If you wanna go for free, watch out for dog drool.

2. When the house is a rocking, give Stevie a peck,

   but right on his lips, not just on his neck.

3. He might be on the road again, but you can still find him here.

   Give him a hug, a joint, or maybe just a beer.

4. Take a cold shot at a local dive bar,

   if your poison is tequila, just don’t drive the car.

5. Save a horse, ride a fiberglass cow,

   If you live in Texas, surely you know how.

6. These boots were made for walkin’, so what you should do,

    is try on a fancy new pair or two. 

7. Auditorium shores doesn’t have to be a bore,

  You can be in Austin, Houston, Dallas and more.

8.There are many ways to find your 15 minutes of fame,

  Try your luck with an arcade game

9. It’s important in life to leave your mark,

  and eat something crazy at a trailer park

10. Sixth street is famous for lots of drinks,

    Chug one there and give the camera a wink

11. Hipsters and cowboys aren’t much alike,

    Take a picture with one, extra points if they’re on a bike.

12. You’re with a boat, you’re with a boat,

      Take a picture of yourself with the motha’ effin boat

13. We’ve run out of ideas here, do what you want,

     Get creative – hug a stranger or have a beer!

14. Being governor is no easy feat,

    Have your team meet where he has his seat

15. Two million Freetail Bats know Austin’s where it’s at

     Take a pic at their casa, stat!

16. Jesse James snagged his fame, Riding hogs and starrin’ in video games

     Find the shop that claims his name 

17. Take a stroll down chill street Rainey

      Where hipsters booze and hops are grainy

18. Austin’s known for song and stage

Take a bow under big lights…It’s all the rage

19. Burnt Orange we bleed, Never seen on a steed

     Snag a shot with two of these 

20. Paint splashed prettily on a wall, Moves the tourists and us all

     Photo bomb some street art, y’all!

21. We end at the Hut where the grass skirts sway,

     Tequila flows steady and boats bob in the bay.


Nicole, Giselle, and I created the crafty rhymes (we’re pretty proud!); feel free to use for your own excursion!

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