RAMP Video: Everything That’s Mobile in Retail

RAMP Video: Everything That’s Mobile in Retail

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THE Mobile Conference for Retailers

The new promotional video for Retail RAMP is out and chock full of great commentary on this leading retail industry event. The great decision making titles in retail who attended the event know that it is the place to be to learn from technology leaders on how to develop their mobile channel.

BestFit Mobile and CompuCom were the premiere sponsors at the last event held in Chicago and were able to deliver an exceptional live demonstration of how mobile apps can be developed to provide real-time, in person interactivity with low energy Bluetooth beacons. This lets retailers trigger any number of digital coupons, offers and messaging right to a recipient inside of your stores. If you are looking for mobile app development for retail which expands beyond just a mini website for people’s phones, give us a call.

RAMP – 3 Minute Promo from Keith Anderson Films on Vimeo.


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