Exploring iBeacon’s Potential for 2014 and Beyond

Exploring iBeacon’s Potential for 2014 and Beyond

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iBeacon Possibilities Abound in 2014

BestFit Mobile has been researching and developing solutions in the Bluetooth Low Energy technology space for the past two years, and is now the leading BLE solutions provider for the retail industry. We’ve been really excited about Apple’s fall announcement and chances are, if you’re here, you are, too! We wanted to share this TechCrunch article with you about iBeacon and Apple’s launch in their own stores.

By now, you’ve probably heard how Apple has rolled iBeacon into their own marketing strategy within all 254 of its stores here in the US.  When you visit an Apple store today and check under the shelves, you may see up to 20 beacons throughout that look like “small silver rectangles.”  However, some beacons may be harder to pinpoint, since a handful of the iBeacons deployed in Apple stores are simple, regular ole’ iPads or iPhones that have been configured as iBeacons.


Apple is Already Poised to Change Retail Forever

Here’s what a lot of people might not be aware of: Every iOS device released since the iPhone 4s and iPad 3rd gen is already has the capacity to be either an iBeacon receiver or transmitter, as long as it’s been configured to do so. 

This quote from the article summarizes WHY this is such a big, big deal:
“This would present a major advantage to Apple, as many businesses have already implemented these devices into some part of their business, so iBeacons could essentially be turned on all over the business landscape with just a little education and awareness.” 
As this article states, iBeacon and the power of micro location interaction will change retail as we know it.  Retailers will be asking Apple for help to implement a similar experience, and we’re already ready to deliver the solution. Check out our iBeacon solutions page for more information, and to schedule a demo!

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