Herbalife Taps Bestfit to Keep Their Athletes Marketing Fit

Herbalife Taps Bestfit to Keep Their Athletes Marketing Fit

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BestFit Mobile Build iPad App for Herbalife at the Olympics

Herbalife delivers health and wellness products worldwide. The company sponsors in excess of 100 athletes across numerous sports

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from around the world including soccer, cycling, swimming, taekwondo and ice hockey. During the 2012 Summer Games, Herbalife was looking for a way to send their athletes to the games with more than just the Herbalife emblem emblazoned across their uniforms.

As worldwide ambassadors of the Herbalife products, it is also expected that the sponsored athletes know a little bit about the products they use and their sponsor sells. This was a business need that mobile was custom designed for. The company had a requirement to display a promotional video from the company, full product descriptions, ingredients, social media sharing and of course a full color, high definition, high action sports photography and video of their great players and teams.

BestFit Mobile created a solution for Herbalife that was installed on the iPads that Herbalife gave to their athletes who were headed to the Olympics. Armed with their mobile devices they had all the product information, FAQs and everything else necessary to help Herbalife nutrition products to be positioned in the best possible light. A win for Herbalife and a win for Bestfit.

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