Bret Cunningham: Increasing Brand Value with Mobile (Video)

Bret Cunningham: Increasing Brand Value with Mobile (Video)

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Increasing Brand Value with Mobile

Bret Cunningham, President of BestFit Mobile talks with West Corporation about increasing the value of a company’s brand with the use of mobile solutions.

For the first time ever, a brand can literally be in the pockets of its customers with applications which go far beyond traditional touch points (mail, web, telephone). Now, customers can engage where they are, whenever they want.

This is a major brand opportunity in terms of customer care. With mobile, brands can reach out and engage directly as soon as a customer needs it. Leaders in this space will need to make sure data is seamless and ubiquitous across all channels with which the customer interacts.  It’s crucial that as the customer interacts with a brand, there isn’t a hiccup or drop off. 

Benefits of Accessible, Streamlined Mobile Data

1) Quicker Reaction Time: An integrated mobile solution gives customers real time assistance.
2) Reduced Touch Point Cost: Mobile driven software relieves the cost of paid personnel to troubleshoot.
3) Proactive Solution Selling: Communicate to customers in a way which is valuable, customized, and immediate.


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