Team-Building, Mobile Style: An Innovative Instagram Experience

Team-Building, Mobile Style: An Innovative Instagram Experience

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By now, Instagram is a pretty well-known mobile Social Media application. Perhaps your tween has surprised you with their creative Instagram-ified productions, or you, yourself are a savvy photo-blogger. If you haven’t heard of it, Instagram is a picture sharing app for iPhone and Android which provides numerous filters to transform your photos into professional-looking snapshots. Images captured by your smartphone or tablet can be instantly ported to multiple social platforms, and other users can follow your mobile photo feed as you dine your way across America snapping tantalizing dishes, or gush over pics of Baby Maggie’s latest messy encounter with her cheesy macaroni dinner.

BestFit Mobile’s latest team-building event had our company on a mad-dash about town, hunting for elusive murals and landmarks. Seven teams tore off to search for 16 Instagram photo “hints” displayed on user @BestFitTeam’s account. The winning team had identified & visited all 16 targets with time to spare to catch the Happy Hour specials at El Arroyo! Here’s a sampling of the team photos:


Photos taken with Instagram, a popular social media app



How to Host a Mobile Scavenger Hunt with Instagram:

1) Identify your starting and end points, scavenger hunt “zone,” and a set time frame. Remember, the more streets you include, and the broader the territory, the more obvious the photographed items must be. Make sure the targets can all be clearly seen from a vehicle on the street. (We began at our office, and selected 10 main streets within a two mile radius. There’s lots of “weird” stuff to see near South Congress! We gave our teams two hours to capture as many targets as possible before meeting for dinner at a local restaurant.)

2) Break your participants into groups. (We used seven teams of 3-4)

3) Identify a driver, photographer, and team captain for each team. At least one individual on each team needs to have a fair knowledge of Instagram and how to use hashtags. Ideally, this person should be the photographer. Otherwise, the photographer will have to send the photos to the Instagram user to upload and tag. Remember, this game is timed!

4) Have the team captains go out and secretly take two to four (non-Instagram) photos within the set scavenger hunt zone, which should be emailed to the Event Organizer before the Scavenger Hunt begins. Be sure they are aware that the targets must be able to be clearly seen from a car on the street.

5) Have the Event Organizer upload these photos to one new Instagram user account (ours was called “BestFitTeam”). Each photo should be labeled with a simple, unique hashtag (we used #BestFit1 through #BestFit16). Only the Event Organizer gets to see ALL of the photos before the event.

6) On the day of the event, have everyone install the Instagram app on their smartphones or iPads. The more people who have the app, the more team members can study the hints & help identify the target locations.

7) Ensure the team captains understand the set time frame, the streets on which photos may have been taken, and have materials to take notes. Also make sure they know the Event Organizer’s Instagram username, so they have access to the photo hints. Maps of the general area are optional.

The Rules:

Each team must identify and locate as many Instagram targets as possible within the given time frame.

When a target is located, the driver must park the car in a safe location.

The photographer must capture an image of the group in front of the Instagram target. (Go to the Instagram user account the Event Organizer set up. Select the photo target (remember the hashtag used in the title). With the target photo open, capture an image of your group with Instagram’s camera. Label it with the EXACT SAME hashtag. Submit it.)

Alternatively, the photographer may capture the group photo with the smartphone’s camera. The photo must be uploaded through Instagram’s app (add photo from phone gallery), and labeled with THE EXACT SAME hashtag as the target photo is titled. This might be a sneaky method a team could employ to prevent other teams from knowing their true status during the hunt.The photo must be uploaded through Instagram, and tagged with THE EXACT SAME hashtag as the photo is named.

All teams must report to the endpoint location with as many photos as possible by the agreed-upon time.

The Event Organizer will search each photo hashtag, and grant points to each team that successfully captured a photo of the targeted locations.

Happy hunting!

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