Mobile Will Change Retail Forever

Mobile Will Change Retail Forever

By bcunningham - On Oct 02 - In Mobile Insight, Video - With 0 Comment

The power of mobile for retailers has moved far beyond mCommerce.

Today, it is all about customer engagement. Loyalty programs, highly targeted digital offers, beacon (microcell) marketing and GEOfence(location based) marketing are all highly effective tools that retailers are baking into their solutions. When used in conjunction, the results can be increased traffic to brick and mortar locations, more frequent visits and a larger average cart size.  In addition, sales associates and partners are being mobile enabled as well, driving additional efficiency and performance improvements for the retail business.

The Experience Captain dashboard, used in conjunction with a customer-facing application and LE Bluetooth beacons are taking the power of mobile to an entirely new level. These tools can deliver vital information to sales associates regarding customer history, preferences and other intelligence which can help to build a truly customized service to high-touch retailers. At the macro level, traffic volume, dwell time and repeat customer visits can all be analyzed by department and across all stores around the world.

Watch the video on how this mobile technology will help to revolutionize retail as we know it.

Retail in Presentation from BestFit Mobile on Vimeo.



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