Video Killed the TV Commercial

Video Killed the TV Commercial

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Mobile phones, mobile apps, and now mobile video–It was only a matter of time before that 5-oz. device in your pocket started showing you streaming video from the palm of your hand. We all knew this day would come. And with it comes the chance of a lifetime for advertisers.

Smartphones afford the ability to gain a whole new ad platform in mobile video, particularly interactive mobile ads. Why have a common image ad when you can have an ad that allows users to interact and get specific information from your ad? Agencies like GoldSpot Media are on the cutting edge of this new advertising method, working with companies like Toyota and HP to develop interesting, eye-catching and effective mobile video advertisements, like this one.

According to the mobile video ad network, Rhythm NewMedia, more than half of mobile video content is watched via Wi-Fi so there is no real concern about clogging up networks.

“One of the best ways to influence a purchase decision is through sight, sound and motion,” said Michael Hirshoren, vice president of sales at Rhythm NewMedia. “Retailers can now offer informative short form and long form video describing their products.”

It’s safe to say that a short video about a product, interactive or not, would help a consumer to decide on purchasing that product. It’s the same concept as when the music video first appeared. Music videos added a new level of intrigue and excitement to an album and if people liked your music videos, they were more likely to buy your album.

Granted, mobile video is still working out all its tweaks. Flash, for instance, makes up for a lot of video material on the PC, however, on mobile phones, Flash hadn’t really fully crossed over until just recently. (You’ve probably heard of SkyFire.)

The trend goes just the same for iPads. Mobile videos are the way of the world for those with smart tablets and it’s time for advertisers to jump on board.

A few simple things to remember about video:

-Always have the video easily accessible (either on the homepage or a high-traffic area of the site)

-Tag your video. Transcribe your video. (SEO is your best friend)

-Don’t skimp on quality. Handheld high-definition mobile devices are becoming more affordable.

-A video with testimonies or an industry expert discussing the product is never a bad thing.


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