Rules of Engagement [VIDEO]

Rules of Engagement [VIDEO]

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There is such a rapid shift of commerce to mobile devices that it’s becoming increasingly evident to many that their product, brand or service should be mobile-friendly. Mobile Commerce Daily reports that Google has found 79 percent of smartphone users have used their device to help with a shopping experience, while 74 percent actually made a purchase via their smartphone. While the latter category undoubtedly includes both app purchases themselves and in-app purchases, the trend toward mobile purchasing is clear.

With so many new apps, devices, platforms, and services popping up in the digital market, grabbing the attention of your specific audience presents a challenge. And once you’ve got their attention, how do you keep them interested and engaged?

“Having a mobile strategy is key when engaging with these tech savvy, connected consumers,” said Anna Khesed, a member of the mobile ads marketing team at Google, in Mountain View, CA. “And this is especially true for advertisers focused on driving online and in-store conversions.”

Below are a few tips provided by Google, along with a great video to help mobile platform advertisers get a grip on their audience and on the market:

1.Ratings, ratings, ratings!

Everyone wants high ratings for reviews, but whether good or bad, more ratings can always provide one thing: Search Engine Optimization. If you’ve got ratings, your site or app is more likely to appear first in search engines. It pays to take steps to garner ratings and reviews. There’s at least a 7 percent increase in click through rates for campaigns with mobile ratings extensions.

2.Cut Out the Middle Man

Mobile ad site links that lead to a specific location on your mobile website are essential. For one, site links are the quickest and most efficient way to get your audience to your website. The ad link can direct the consumer to a special offer, a map to your nearest location and even a direct click-to-call link that instantly connects the caller to a call center. It’s the same concept as a car dealership. Your website is the lot, and if a consumer comes to your lot, chances are they want to buy. Make it easy for them.

3. Get ‘em while they’re hot!

Maybe you don’t want the ad to take users to your company website or to a phone number. Perhaps you want to get them straight to your event or nearest location of business. A great way to do that is with special deals included in your mobile search ads. So, someone searches for ‘oil changes’ on Google and up comes your garage’s ad for 10% off an oil change with a mobile code/coupon. It’s instant gratification.

Source: Mobile Commerce Daily

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