iBeacon Blog BEEKn Features “Using iBeacon Solutions for Retail”

iBeacon Blog BEEKn Features “Using iBeacon Solutions for Retail”

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Doug Thompson Recommends Best of the #Becosystem

We were thrilled to see leading iBeacon & Low Energy Bluetooth blogger Doug Thompson review our latest white paper, “Using iBeacon Solutions for Retail,” yesterday in BEEKn, hailing it as “Crisp, inspiring, and a ‘Must Read!

The paper, which we released this past December, will get you quickly ramped up into the exciting world of Low Energy Bluetooth (BLE) and iBeacon. It also offers some solid use cases for retailers looking to be on the cutting edge of the industry. However, as you’ll quickly ascertain, with BestFit’s solutions, you won’t just be following in the footsteps of Giant Eagle, Safeway and Macy’s. You’ll be setting the pace for them.

BeekN: Be the Beacon.

Doug offers daily insight into the world of Low Energy Bluetooth technology. Insightful and funny, Doug candidly corrects where the media got it wrong, connects readers with optimal BLE solutions, and looks to the future with thoughtful forecasts on this incredible tech evolution.

If you’re new to this space, and have devoured everything on our site and are just plain HUNGRY for more, head over to his page to feast on all that is iBeacon. Just don’t forget to download our free white paper before you leave!


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