Walgreens, the ‘Pusher?’

Walgreens, the ‘Pusher?’

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“Push Notification’ that is…

Walgreens is on a roll with their new mobile application. The national retail drugstore is providing a new level of convenience for customers, allowing them to shop online, order photo prints and locate the nearest Walgreens store.

But the highlight of the Walgreens mobile solution comes from prescription refills. The app, known as, Refill by Scan, allows customers to scan the medication label’s bar code with their smartphone camera and submit that scan to schedule a pickup of their refill on a day set by the user. Text alerts are also sent when a prescription is ready.

“We’ve gotten significant traction with our mobile applications, which really are like having a drugstore in the palm of your hands,” said Jim Cohn, spokesman for Walgreens. “More people are using our refill scan technology because it adds another level of convenience and it’s time-saving technology our customers truly value.”

The prescription text alert option first became available in March 2010 and already more than one million alerts have been sent. Customers can also use the app to check their prescription history and even change the store location to pick up their medication, in case they’re traveling.

With more than 7,000 stores nationwide, Walgreens is on track to becoming the first successful mobile drugstore.

The Refill by Scan app is free and is available for iPhone and Android devices.

To sign up for Walgreens alerts, visit http://www.walgreens.com/textalerts.

Source: MobileCommerceDaily.com

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